Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mason's Birthday part 2

On Saturday, Oct 4, we had some visitors. Grand Lally, Grandad, and O'ma drove up from New Braunfels. They caught the second half of Dane's morning soccer game, in which he scored two goals! After the game, O'ma came back to the house with me and Dane while Grandad and Grand Lally headed over to NEMP to catch part of Mason's morning game. When everyone made it back to the house, we had pizza, salad, and birthday cake to celebrate Mason's Oct. 1st b-day and Grandad's Oct. 3 b-day.
The birthday boys!
Adding to Mason's foreign country soccer jersey collection, Grand Lally and Grandad gave Mason a jersey from Uruguay that they picked up on their travels. Tapping into his other passions, they gave him a set of guitar strings and a pack of batteries.
After the company left, we hurried out to the Tony Burger Center for the Capital City Marching Contest hosted by my old high school LBJ!! Sic 'em Jags!

Clark's band placed 3rd! When you consider that last year the band came in 3rd when they were "rich with Seniors" to get 3rd this year when they are "extremely rich with freshman" it is a great accomplishment.

So I could watch the whole show, I only shot pictures as they were marching into the stadium, setting up, and beginning poses.
Here is where Clark starts the show.
He is the 2nd from the left.

Later in the evening...
Hendrickson Drum Majors and Color Guard Officers with the 3rd place trophy.

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