Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eve's Leaf

For those of you in the know about my Mom's ankle drama, you will love this!

On September 30th, we trudged back in to the hospital for yet another surgery. The plan going in was that this surgery was to be one of two surgeries in a two week time span. This surgery was to take out the hardware and clean out the ongoing mystery infection.

When the surgery was over, the surgeon paged me. He told me to sit down for the news he was about to tell me. I could tell by his face that it wasn't horrible news but I couldn't have guessed what he was about to say.

He started by saying he had opened up the site and taken out the hardware. He found no traces of infection but went ahead and cleaned the site out again. He was about to close up but decided to "cut up higher on her ankle to look around." He said things weren't making sense so he "looked around" but away from the original injury site. To his disbelief, about 3 inches up from the original injury site, he found-- get ready for this-- a nearly fully intact leaf! Yes, LEAF! An oak leaf at that!

The first thing I said was, "How did that not show up on all the x-rays and scans??" Well, the leaf was "wrapped around the bone like wet paper on a rock." The next thing I said was, " Did you get a picture?" (Always the photographer!) He did!

So now for your viewing pleasure- the leaf!
How on Earth did a leaf get inside my mother's leg? Good question! Here is the answer.... Two years ago, when she had the accident, the dogs drug her through her wooded front yard. Then, she drug herself back through the yard, up the steps, and into the house to call 911. I think the leaf got in her leg through the break site and shimmied it's way up to it's final resting place.

The surgeon is planning to write up an article about this case for a medical journal. It is so remarkable and really unbelievable! And now we believe the mysterious infection will be gone for good. Hallelujah!

Of all the jokes that have been thought up about a lady with a leaf in her leg, my favorite is calling her Eve! (Garden of Eden and Eve- you get it?)

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Grandad said...

If she was a tree hugger you could say the tree hugged back.