Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy Hair

Today is crazy hair day at the elementary school. It is part of the "Red Ribbon Week" anti-drug program. Here are the boys with their crazy hair. (If Mason looks unhappy it is because he is! Today he goes back to school after being home sick with bronchitis for 3 days. He is better but not 100%.)

Here is another picture showing book fair decorations. I was able to get one of the artistic Kindergarten teachers to build this tree (you see one of the two surrounding the library door.) for me. We are hanging the leaves that come in with a $1 to the trees. This is part of the One for Books donation program.
I happened to catch Mason and Simon coming out of the library so I had them pose in front of the tree. See the cute monkey looking out of the tree?

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WallineFamily said...

Poor Mason! I was wondering why we didn't see him at the basketball game...