Thursday, October 16, 2008


Part of the job of making the elementary book fair a grand success is advertising. Taking advantage of televised morning announcements, I have lined up kids (my own and other book fair committee members) to do little commercials about the book fair.

The theme of the book fair is "Wild About Books." We are going with wild safari and animal route to the theme.

This past Monday, Dane and Vanessa put on their big cat costumes for their commercial spot. They were so cute! Dane said, "Get wild about books!" Vanessa said, "The book fair is coming in November!" Then they both roared with their hands in the air like claws.
Today, Mason and Simon did a funny commercial where Simon the safari guy was looking for the Highland Park Gorilla played by Mason. The jist of the commercial was that nothing the safari guy offered to the gorilla made him happy until a book about gorillas was offered. Then the gorilla grabbed the book and went into a full primate rage, including a chest pounding. Safari guy followed it up by saying, "I guess he is wild about books! Good thing the book fair is coming in November!"
This pictures shows Safari guy, the two morning announcement anchors, the pledge girl and the gorilla.

Here is a link to our book fair web page through Scholastic.

I will post more pictures as the committee begins the decorating and creating process.

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