Thursday, October 2, 2008

Birthday Pretzels

Mason turned 11 yrs. old on Wednesday, October 1st. For a celebration with his class, he and I made 70 white chocolate dipped pretzels with orange and blue sprinkles (they are the school colors) the night before.

They have a class tradition that no one can take a bite until the birthday person has a first bite. So Mason had been plotting ways to prolong his first bite for a little classmate torture. After the class sang "Happy Birthday to You" to him, Mason slowly moved his hand towards his mouth as if to take a bite but at the last second he changed course and moved his hand to the side of his face. He did that a couple of times to his own delight and his classmates groans.

Mason and buddies pose with the pretzels.
Mason and I went to deliver extra pretzels to former teachers, office staff, principals, and other cool teachers around the building.

For birthday dinner, we had a Mason requested meal of taquitos
, blanco queso, and brownies. His dream gift was delivered to him when Dad got home. He finally got the skateboard rail he has been drooling over for months now!!

The "friend party" isn't until the 19th. Check back for cool skateboarding pictures later this month.......

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