Friday, October 31, 2008

Nursery Rhyme Parade

Today was the Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Parade at the elementary school. The kindergarteners were to come dressed as a nursery rhyme character and have the nursery rhyme memorized to recite in front of the class and attending parents.

Dane was Old King Cole. Grandlally made the regal costume for him. He was adorable! (Thanks Grandlally!)
Dane and class during the parade.

Old King Cole & Miss Muffet listen to another classmate recite their nursery rhyme.Dane recites Old King Cole to the attentive audience.

A posed shot of The King with the bowl he called for!
Those fiddlers three never did show! :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Surprise Halloween Party

As Hospitality Chair, this surprise Halloween party, for the Highland Park Elementary Staff, was my brain child. With the help of my awesome & hard working committee, we pulled it off! The best part is that the staff thought they were coming to an after school staff meeting (yawn). Boy were they SURPRISED when they walked through the library doors! Man, I LOVE my job!!

Eve's Leaf

For those of you in the know about my Mom's ankle drama, you will love this!

On September 30th, we trudged back in to the hospital for yet another surgery. The plan going in was that this surgery was to be one of two surgeries in a two week time span. This surgery was to take out the hardware and clean out the ongoing mystery infection.

When the surgery was over, the surgeon paged me. He told me to sit down for the news he was about to tell me. I could tell by his face that it wasn't horrible news but I couldn't have guessed what he was about to say.

He started by saying he had opened up the site and taken out the hardware. He found no traces of infection but went ahead and cleaned the site out again. He was about to close up but decided to "cut up higher on her ankle to look around." He said things weren't making sense so he "looked around" but away from the original injury site. To his disbelief, about 3 inches up from the original injury site, he found-- get ready for this-- a nearly fully intact leaf! Yes, LEAF! An oak leaf at that!

The first thing I said was, "How did that not show up on all the x-rays and scans??" Well, the leaf was "wrapped around the bone like wet paper on a rock." The next thing I said was, " Did you get a picture?" (Always the photographer!) He did!

So now for your viewing pleasure- the leaf!
How on Earth did a leaf get inside my mother's leg? Good question! Here is the answer.... Two years ago, when she had the accident, the dogs drug her through her wooded front yard. Then, she drug herself back through the yard, up the steps, and into the house to call 911. I think the leaf got in her leg through the break site and shimmied it's way up to it's final resting place.

The surgeon is planning to write up an article about this case for a medical journal. It is so remarkable and really unbelievable! And now we believe the mysterious infection will be gone for good. Hallelujah!

Of all the jokes that have been thought up about a lady with a leaf in her leg, my favorite is calling her Eve! (Garden of Eden and Eve- you get it?)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy Hair

Today is crazy hair day at the elementary school. It is part of the "Red Ribbon Week" anti-drug program. Here are the boys with their crazy hair. (If Mason looks unhappy it is because he is! Today he goes back to school after being home sick with bronchitis for 3 days. He is better but not 100%.)

Here is another picture showing book fair decorations. I was able to get one of the artistic Kindergarten teachers to build this tree (you see one of the two surrounding the library door.) for me. We are hanging the leaves that come in with a $1 to the trees. This is part of the One for Books donation program.
I happened to catch Mason and Simon coming out of the library so I had them pose in front of the tree. See the cute monkey looking out of the tree?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mason's Birthday part 3

Finally we had the big party on Sunday!
How nice for Mason getting to celebrate again!

This was Mason's "Dream Party" held at Capital Skate Park.
This was the day for which he had been waiting for over a month. With 15 guests showing up, the party kicked off with skateboarding, scootering, and inline skating.

Bare with me, I shot 105 pictures during the 5 hours we were there! It is hard to narrow it down!

A look at the indoor skate park.
Mason is in purple.



Dylan and Jalehn

William & MasonJoe, John, & James
The Gang!
Sweaty, Dirty, & Lovin' Every Minute of it!

In the air conditioned party room, we had a meal (build your own subs, chips, and fruit),
present opening, and cookie cake.

The icing on the cake for Mason was the gift from the skate park. He was given a 1 out of a 100 custom art deck. Coincidentally, it has 11 candles on the cake in the art! Mason loved that!
The new deck is on the left and a well used deck is on the right!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's great to be 5!

While the rest of us were doing yard work, Dane made his own fun with an ice chest and the hose. It kind of reminded me of a cowboy bathing in a water trough.

Another piece of the book fair- the "One for Book" collection box.
No laughing- you all know I am not an artist! So what if it looks like a 5th grader made it!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Part of the job of making the elementary book fair a grand success is advertising. Taking advantage of televised morning announcements, I have lined up kids (my own and other book fair committee members) to do little commercials about the book fair.

The theme of the book fair is "Wild About Books." We are going with wild safari and animal route to the theme.

This past Monday, Dane and Vanessa put on their big cat costumes for their commercial spot. They were so cute! Dane said, "Get wild about books!" Vanessa said, "The book fair is coming in November!" Then they both roared with their hands in the air like claws.
Today, Mason and Simon did a funny commercial where Simon the safari guy was looking for the Highland Park Gorilla played by Mason. The jist of the commercial was that nothing the safari guy offered to the gorilla made him happy until a book about gorillas was offered. Then the gorilla grabbed the book and went into a full primate rage, including a chest pounding. Safari guy followed it up by saying, "I guess he is wild about books! Good thing the book fair is coming in November!"
This pictures shows Safari guy, the two morning announcement anchors, the pledge girl and the gorilla.

Here is a link to our book fair web page through Scholastic.

I will post more pictures as the committee begins the decorating and creating process.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Roadkill Brownies and Cheese

I hosted a Pampered Chef show this past Friday night. Beyond what the demonstrator prepared for the group, I served Roadkill Brownies and cheese. Here are the pictures-

In honor of Halloween.............
A little gross but f-u-n-n-y!

The cheese board is a Pampered Chef product I own.
The cheeses were great!
There was a Baby Muenster, Chipotle, Strawberry, and Stilton Blue mix.
Also on the board, dried pineapple chunks, Rosemary, and olives.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mason's Birthday part 2

On Saturday, Oct 4, we had some visitors. Grand Lally, Grandad, and O'ma drove up from New Braunfels. They caught the second half of Dane's morning soccer game, in which he scored two goals! After the game, O'ma came back to the house with me and Dane while Grandad and Grand Lally headed over to NEMP to catch part of Mason's morning game. When everyone made it back to the house, we had pizza, salad, and birthday cake to celebrate Mason's Oct. 1st b-day and Grandad's Oct. 3 b-day.
The birthday boys!
Adding to Mason's foreign country soccer jersey collection, Grand Lally and Grandad gave Mason a jersey from Uruguay that they picked up on their travels. Tapping into his other passions, they gave him a set of guitar strings and a pack of batteries.
After the company left, we hurried out to the Tony Burger Center for the Capital City Marching Contest hosted by my old high school LBJ!! Sic 'em Jags!

Clark's band placed 3rd! When you consider that last year the band came in 3rd when they were "rich with Seniors" to get 3rd this year when they are "extremely rich with freshman" it is a great accomplishment.

So I could watch the whole show, I only shot pictures as they were marching into the stadium, setting up, and beginning poses.
Here is where Clark starts the show.
He is the 2nd from the left.

Later in the evening...
Hendrickson Drum Majors and Color Guard Officers with the 3rd place trophy.