Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Season 2008 Begins!

Today was the opening day of the 2008 Fall soccer season. We started off in Manor at the CAYSA fields for Mason's 9:00am game. Mason goalied the first half and a quarter of the second half. While in the goal, he stopped everything that came his way! In particular, he had a beautiful dive save and another save that had some luck involved. Here is what happened.... an opponent shot one at Mason that was high in the air. Mason jumped straight up just tipping the ball with his finger tips. Luck and angles drove the ball into the side pole of the goal. The ball bounced back at Mason who jumped on it full body and soul! It was a heart stopping moment on the side line.

When Mason played forward the last quarter, he took a left footed shot from back a bit, that was powerful! The other team's goalie jumped and caught it!

In the end, Forza won with a 4 to 1 score. Our other goalie let one slip in! Oh, well!

Dane had his first game with his new team, "Storm Hawk" at 1:30pm at the PAYSL fields. He played a great game of running hard, blocking the ball and kicking the ball. He even got one of his 3 shots into the goal!!! It was exciting!! Here are a bunch of pictures (I took 94 pictures of Dane's game but not all were of Dane. I just took other team members because it is good practice and fun.) The game ended in a tie of 4 to 4.

The team cheer with Coach Tovar

Dane gets a foot in the ballDane keeps his eye on the ball and moves towards it

Between two people, I caught the moment that Dane shoots the ball into the goal for a score!
A break-away!

Dane comes around for another pass through the parent tunnel.
Clark helped with the tunnel.

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