Saturday, September 20, 2008

Raised Fall Garden

We haven't had a vegetable garden since the house on Rolling Meadows. The topic had come up a couple of times in the last year. Finally we decided on what we wanted- a raised bed. So Ed built a raised box out of scrap wood we had gotten from other house buildings in the neighborhood. These pieces had been waiting in the garage for at least a year and a half.

After the box was built, he lined it with 2 layers of black pond lining to keep grass and weeds from invading the space. Then Ed went to Whittelsey's for "Professional Mix Soil" that was recommended for vegetable gardens. We had a coupon for "10% off on Tuesdays" so he went last Tuesday, of course!

Dane helped load the dirt into the wheelbarrow from the back of Ed's truck and dump it into the garden box. He wanted gloves like Dad was wearing so he ran in and grabbed two mismatched winter mittens. Too cute!

On Friday, I purchased the veggie plants from Gaddy's Feed.

This morning we planted!!!! Dane helped me put in onions, lettuce, jalapeƱo peppers, cauliflower, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, crook neck squash, and better boy tomatoes. We got everything into the warm soil. Dane wanted the job of watering for the garden for the first time.
A month ago, I happened upon an article about English Victory Gardens. That stewed around in my mind as we were making plans for this garden. I really liked the idea of growing our veggies again. We had such good gardens before so I am expecting success and victory this time around as well.

Rebecca mentioned the baby rabbits that are plentiful in the neighborhood. They have had trouble with them before in their garden. We may have to add a little chicken wire fence around the top edge to keep the little cotton tails out! (Thanks for that hint Rebecca, I hadn't thought about the rabbits at all!)

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