Thursday, September 18, 2008


Passing by the front window this morning, a movement caught my eye. I looked again and saw a little black chihuahua running back and forth down my street. I went out and was able to get it to come to me. I noticed it was an older dog so I did not attempt to pick up. It followed me into the house. I gave it water, which it drank, and food, which it did not eat. After I felt like the dog was comfortable with me, I unhooked it's collar to look for a number. There was a number and a name, "Meka." Meet Meka:
Short story- the owner of the dog was away in Kansas. She left Meka in the care of her boyfriend who lives one street over. Her boyfriend is a Travis County Constable. He called me to find out where I live. He said (at 10:30 am) that he would be by in "a couple of hours."

The two younger boys came home from school very excited about seeing the dog. They cooed all over her! They asked to have pictures with her! Of course I took some! I also took some of Meka close to Andy for size comparison. I think of Andy as a small dog. Next to Meka, Andy is a big guy!
The rest of the story- At 5:00pm, the boyfriend shows up as we are walking out the door to go to soccer. I
wish, wish, wish I had had my camera in hand. It was so funny to see this big burly deputy, in full uniform with weapons and mirrored sunglasses, pick up and cuddle that tiny dog!

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