Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

"The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From TheTree," is the slogan I wanted to put on the family reunion t-shirts I designed when I was President 5 or 6 years ago. While I thought it was hilarious, and in some cases TRUE, in the end, I didn't do it. Instead the shirt was gray with green ink, and a design of a tree with "Symank- Richter Family Reunion" circling the top of the tree. Good enough to wear once a year!

The Sunday before Labor Day finds all the Symanks and Richters in the Crawford Texas Community Center. It is a potluck event with many long tables stretching down the center of the hall loaded with foods of all kinds. Desserts get their own special place boasting two tables loaded with sugary delights!

This reunion was no different. There was the family prayer before the very young and very old elbowed their way to the front of the line, citing their age as the reason they needed to eat first. Those of us in the middle age range get stuck at the end of the line. But never fear, there is always plenty to go around! (However, my yummy Mexican Chicken Roll-ups and cupcakes were cleaned out!)

After the plates are cleaned and the catch up stories are swapped, the kids head outside for the pinata bashing. This year, even with a plastic bat, the poor donkey pinata didn't make it through half the kids! Dane was the only Limbaugh boy to get a hit before the candy hit the ground and the kids scrambled to get their hands full of it.

There is always a business meeting where the current President tells how many people have attended, how much money is in the account, etc. There is also a few minutes spent on fun things like who is the oldest male/female in attendance, along with youngest male/female in attendance, newest married, longest married, farthest traveled, shortest traveled. (Ed almost declared he'd been married the longest because it felt like forever, but I elbowed him pretty hard and he put his hand down. That kind of behavior may lead him to win the award for the "Marriage Most Likely to End Next" -- or maybe "Most recently deceased husband"!) Hands up for the Anne & Ernest Symank family! We had the oldest female (My Oma who is 93yrs.), longest married (Uncle Herman & Aunt Dorothy Symank who have been married 63 yrs.) and the farthest traveled (Cousin Joe Crain who traveled 600 miles from Springfield, Missouri).

The newest addition to the afternoon activities is bingo. I took a box full of small toys to contribute to the prizes. I also ended up "calling" all but one game. It was fun! I was hoarse by the time we left because I was speaking loudly and repeating the numbers so the littlest kids could play too.

We made it back to Pflugerville around 5:00pm. I didn't get any photos because in the loading of the van that morning, the camera didn't make it out. Oh, well!

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