Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Staff Luncheon

Today was my first big event as hospitality committee chair at the elementary- the Staff Fall Luncheon. I had a lot of help from the committee in early preparations, setting up, replenishing during service, and clean-up. Here are pictures-

Some members of the committee got together for a crafting session were we made these invites.
We handed them to the staff a week before the luncheon.
They were very well received!

The night before set-up.
This is just part of the members of the committee.

One side of the buffet table.

The front side of the table.

The dessert table.

The lounge table decorations.

Some of the 90 staff that came through our buffet.
The turkey breast, gravy, and sweet carrots were prepared by Sirlion Stockade for the cost of the food only. (Sweet deal!) The green salad, mixed fruit, olive tray, bread/rolls, butter, drinks, and desserts were donated by parents.

Besides having wonderful events all year long, one of my goals with this committee is to foster committee involvement. While I could certainly do all the work by myself or with one or two helpers, what makes a PTO strong would get lost- people/volunteers. It is much better to offer everyone opportunities to help- big or small- so that they feel like they belong. This is also a great opportunity to meet generous hearted people I might not otherwise meet. It is a win-win for me personally and for the PTO as a volunteer based organization.

Our next event is a "scary food" after-school snack for the staff the week of Halloween.

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