Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wildlife guest

Dane found this hanging on our house in the backyard. Waiting for a call from Travis County Animal Control. More later.....

UPDATE: An officer came out. Wearing black gloves, the officer placed a paper bag over the bat, nudging it until it let go of the foundation. After a cursory check at the Pflugerville Animal Control Facility, it will be released to go on it's merry way.

In case you are wondering, and I know you are- no one touched the bat. So no worries, okay?

BACK STORY: Dane was playing in the backyard. He had only been out there a few minutes when he came back in. He said, "Mom, there is a rat in the back yard. I went over to it but it didn't move." I asked if it was dead. He said, "No it is just hanging there." Of course "rat" and "hanging" don't go together! I immediately went out and discovered we had a bat guest.

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