Friday, August 1, 2008

Visit with Cousin Susan and Craig

My first cousin Susan and her husband Craig, came from Wisconsin for a visit. They have been on a mini whirlwind tour of Central Texas since they arrived. We caught up with them on Thursday in New Braunfels for a family get-together.

O'ma taught Susan and Craig how to play "Chicken Foot." They were well aware that O'ma is a "domino shark" but that didn't stop them from joining.
O'ma then switched gears to play Dane in a game of Master Mind.

Mason and Wayne (aka:Grandad) got in a little guitar jam session.
First album cover for Mason? Could be!

Lally and John grilled burgers for the family dinner. The only no-shows were Phillip and Alyssa. (Imagine teen-agers cutting out on a family dinner! Ha!) Here is the adult table picture. Luckily, I am the youngest adult there so I got to sit with the boys at the kid table. Double ha!

Starting front left: Susan, Wayne, Laurie, Lally, O'ma, Ed, Craig, John

Obligatory family pictures:

Mason and Dane stayed in New Braunfels. They are going to do some fun stuff with Grandlally and Grandad. We will see them again on Sunday. Of course, I will post pictures of their fun, if they give me any pics. (hint, hint!)

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