Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Play-Off Game Pictures

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mason goalied the entire play-off game. At half time Coach Rich asked him what he wanted to do. Mason said, "I want to stay in the goal because we have to win this game!" And they did! The only goal they got on him was a penalty kick. He dove and tried but the boy kicked it right in the corner. If Mas were 6 inches taller he might have gotten it!

In this series of 6 pictures, watch Mason but watch his opponent in the gray shirt #35.
1. #35 follows up a goal attempt. Mason grabs the ball with #35 falling over him.

2. Mason still has the ball. #35 has a mouth full of grass!
3. Mason gets 3/4 of the way up. #35 still on the ground-- see his feet?

4. Mason is half way into his kick. #35 is finally up and moving!
5. The kick!

6.He looks over and sees me with the camera! It is out of focus but a shot I couldn't resist!

These shots are after the game when the boys ran their "victory lap" across the field. The boys are so excited! I love these pics!

And for last, the trophies ceremony- Rich said, as he handed Mason his trophy, "This trophy goes to our sure hands at the back, Mason." (Think it with an English/British accent. It sounds better when Rich says it.)

This weekend the team heads for a tournament in San Antonio. Ed gets this one. I will be staying here with Dane for an activity with Clark. It is the "family night & picnic" for band.

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