Friday, August 15, 2008

Houston Rush

Mason, Dane, Nanny, and I made it to Houston. We are staying in the Omni Hotel in Katy. The Houston Rush Soccer Tournament site is five minutes from here. First game is tomorrow at Noon.

Check back to this post for updates and pictures. For now, we are headed to the Katy Mills Mall where Rain Forest Cafe is located. Hummmm....Shopping and fun dinner make me think this is a vacation of sorts! Yeah!

It's 10:00pm on Friday night. We went to the Katy Mills Mall. We spent some time looking around in some cool stores then wound our way over to Rain Forest Cafe at 7:00pm.

Here are the boys in front of the restaurant.
We love this place!
Nanny & Mas

Scenes from inside the restaurant:

The wildest animals of them all!
Way back when, Nanny was nicknamed "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle."
So we just had to get this shot!
Nanny and I split the Adventure Appetizer Plate (and a house salad) as a meal. It was great! There was blue crab dip, calamari, southwestern egg roll, and chicken fingers.
Dane had Gorilla Grilled Cheese with applesauce and a Safari Sundae for dessert.
Mason had Python Pasta with corn and a Mud Slide for dessert.
After the meal and three rain forest thunder storms, we went back in to the mall and did a little shopping. Mason went into three skater shops but didn't find anything more than a pair of funky socks that will be perfect for crazy sock day at school. Dane got a pair of Van's shoes. I got a surprise for Clark. If he doesn't like it, Mason will be happy to have it! (No, Clark! You have to wait. I'm not telling you anything else!) I bought myself a couple of things from a cooking/kitchen store. Mom bought something from Ann Taylor. (I haven't seen it yet but she was thrilled with the purchase.)

More tomorrow after the first game. Wish us luck! Go Forza!

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