Saturday, August 16, 2008

Game scores

First game Forza wins 6 to 0 in a shut out! Yeah for us! Mason was keeper first half with two extreme saves but stopped other attempts. On the field in the second half, Mason was one of three in a line that moved the ball to the goal and scored! Whoop, whoop! BTW, they played the beginning of the second half in the pouring rain! Next game 6pm.

Second Game Forza dominated with a winning score of 10 to 3! Mason goalied first half again. He stopped one but it rolled away and another opponent took a shot on him before he was up. Unfortunately, his defenders were no where around to help. Oh, well! They only got one on him! Second half Mason started out left forward. He took four left footed shots that missed by a little! But he got a lot of time on the ball this half. Next game Sunday at Noon.

Here is a series of three photos showing the ball rolling away after Mas blocked it and then Mas getting up and then the opponent that kicked it in. Oh, well!

Here are some other shots I was able to get. Mason is #1.

BTW- Mason just lost a tooth while taking a shower. Hope the tooth fairy can find him in the hotel!

Here is what Dane has been up to while the games are going on. Remember, that it has been raining all day. What is more fun than some friends, some sticks, an umbrella, and some mud?

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