Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for all the boys. Ed is in Virginia for work, so it is Super Mom at the helm!

I got up at 5:30am to be the first in the shower and still have time to prepare a wonderful breakfast. We had egg and bacon breakfast tacos with apple slices and OJ.

Mason was the first to leave. He rode his skateboard up to school so he could do safety patrol and announcements.

First day photo

Riding off to school

Safety Patrol with Dijshion and Monte

Morning Announcements on the intercom

Mason and 5th grade teacher Mrs. Craddock

Next it was Dane's turn to leave. We drove to the bridge, parked and walked from there. Dane was hoping to see the boy Delton he meet at Meet Your Teacher last week. Sure enough two minutes after we got in the classroom, Delton walked in. They were happy to see each other!
First day photo

Dane and DeltonDane and Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Russell
I didn't cry even one tear to my surprise. I think because Dane was acting a little goofy, I didn't have time to be sad.

I came home and picked up Clark and our neighbor Abigail for their first day of high school! We left a little earlier than we will normally because of traffic concerns. Turns out it was good to go early. I was able to drop them at the front door but getting out was the worst. I used the time I had to wait to take some photos of Clark walking towards high school and the school building.

First day photo

Clark with band yard sign

The highschool

Clark walking towards the front door
Whew! What a morning! I predict everyone will have a great day and I won't be dead asleep when it is time to pick up Dane this afternoon! Fingers crossed!!

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the donutman said...

hey. great pics of school-going kiddies. tell 'em all I said "Heeeeyyy" (say it like the Fonz!). happy Tuesday! have a great five minutes sometime tomorrow (you pick which five!). have a good rest of the day! keep up the fantastic blog site.