Friday, August 29, 2008

Dane's homework

Dane's homework after the first day of school was to draw a picture of something that happened on the first day of school. He then had to tell someone at home about what he drew. Above is what he drew.

The figure on your left is Dane. The figure on your right is Isiah, a classmate. Dane described the scene saying that he has a straight face because Isiah was poking his lunch box and backpack when they were walking in line at the end of the day. Dane didn't like it, hence the straight mouth, while Isiah thought it was fun, as you can tell by the smile Dane gave him. You can see the lunch box in Dane's hand and Isiah's long finger poking it.

I found this extremely funny! Of all the fun & new things he did in Kindergarten on his first day of school, he choose to tell the story of a classmate annoying him!

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