Friday, August 29, 2008

Dane's homework

Dane's homework after the first day of school was to draw a picture of something that happened on the first day of school. He then had to tell someone at home about what he drew. Above is what he drew.

The figure on your left is Dane. The figure on your right is Isiah, a classmate. Dane described the scene saying that he has a straight face because Isiah was poking his lunch box and backpack when they were walking in line at the end of the day. Dane didn't like it, hence the straight mouth, while Isiah thought it was fun, as you can tell by the smile Dane gave him. You can see the lunch box in Dane's hand and Isiah's long finger poking it.

I found this extremely funny! Of all the fun & new things he did in Kindergarten on his first day of school, he choose to tell the story of a classmate annoying him!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for all the boys. Ed is in Virginia for work, so it is Super Mom at the helm!

I got up at 5:30am to be the first in the shower and still have time to prepare a wonderful breakfast. We had egg and bacon breakfast tacos with apple slices and OJ.

Mason was the first to leave. He rode his skateboard up to school so he could do safety patrol and announcements.

First day photo

Riding off to school

Safety Patrol with Dijshion and Monte

Morning Announcements on the intercom

Mason and 5th grade teacher Mrs. Craddock

Next it was Dane's turn to leave. We drove to the bridge, parked and walked from there. Dane was hoping to see the boy Delton he meet at Meet Your Teacher last week. Sure enough two minutes after we got in the classroom, Delton walked in. They were happy to see each other!
First day photo

Dane and DeltonDane and Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Russell
I didn't cry even one tear to my surprise. I think because Dane was acting a little goofy, I didn't have time to be sad.

I came home and picked up Clark and our neighbor Abigail for their first day of high school! We left a little earlier than we will normally because of traffic concerns. Turns out it was good to go early. I was able to drop them at the front door but getting out was the worst. I used the time I had to wait to take some photos of Clark walking towards high school and the school building.

First day photo

Clark with band yard sign

The highschool

Clark walking towards the front door
Whew! What a morning! I predict everyone will have a great day and I won't be dead asleep when it is time to pick up Dane this afternoon! Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Play-Off Game Pictures

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mason goalied the entire play-off game. At half time Coach Rich asked him what he wanted to do. Mason said, "I want to stay in the goal because we have to win this game!" And they did! The only goal they got on him was a penalty kick. He dove and tried but the boy kicked it right in the corner. If Mas were 6 inches taller he might have gotten it!

In this series of 6 pictures, watch Mason but watch his opponent in the gray shirt #35.
1. #35 follows up a goal attempt. Mason grabs the ball with #35 falling over him.

2. Mason still has the ball. #35 has a mouth full of grass!
3. Mason gets 3/4 of the way up. #35 still on the ground-- see his feet?

4. Mason is half way into his kick. #35 is finally up and moving!
5. The kick!

6.He looks over and sees me with the camera! It is out of focus but a shot I couldn't resist!

These shots are after the game when the boys ran their "victory lap" across the field. The boys are so excited! I love these pics!

And for last, the trophies ceremony- Rich said, as he handed Mason his trophy, "This trophy goes to our sure hands at the back, Mason." (Think it with an English/British accent. It sounds better when Rich says it.)

This weekend the team heads for a tournament in San Antonio. Ed gets this one. I will be staying here with Dane for an activity with Clark. It is the "family night & picnic" for band.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Forza got the gold!...
trophy that is!

Our boys played a TOUGH game ending in a score of 2 to 1 for the Championship WIN!
More pictures and stories coming soon...............

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mason wins again!

Hi, all! It's Clark here, with the latest from Houston as reported from Mom! Mason's team won their third game, and they're going to the finals! Woo-Ho! The score was 3 to 1. Mason had an awesome assist! He booted the ball on a corner kick-in, and Colter slammed it in the goal with a header! The final game starts at 3:00! Go FORZA '98 Boys (Thats Mason's team name)!

-Clark <(^_^)>

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Game scores

First game Forza wins 6 to 0 in a shut out! Yeah for us! Mason was keeper first half with two extreme saves but stopped other attempts. On the field in the second half, Mason was one of three in a line that moved the ball to the goal and scored! Whoop, whoop! BTW, they played the beginning of the second half in the pouring rain! Next game 6pm.

Second Game Forza dominated with a winning score of 10 to 3! Mason goalied first half again. He stopped one but it rolled away and another opponent took a shot on him before he was up. Unfortunately, his defenders were no where around to help. Oh, well! They only got one on him! Second half Mason started out left forward. He took four left footed shots that missed by a little! But he got a lot of time on the ball this half. Next game Sunday at Noon.

Here is a series of three photos showing the ball rolling away after Mas blocked it and then Mas getting up and then the opponent that kicked it in. Oh, well!

Here are some other shots I was able to get. Mason is #1.

BTW- Mason just lost a tooth while taking a shower. Hope the tooth fairy can find him in the hotel!

Here is what Dane has been up to while the games are going on. Remember, that it has been raining all day. What is more fun than some friends, some sticks, an umbrella, and some mud?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Houston Rush

Mason, Dane, Nanny, and I made it to Houston. We are staying in the Omni Hotel in Katy. The Houston Rush Soccer Tournament site is five minutes from here. First game is tomorrow at Noon.

Check back to this post for updates and pictures. For now, we are headed to the Katy Mills Mall where Rain Forest Cafe is located. Hummmm....Shopping and fun dinner make me think this is a vacation of sorts! Yeah!

It's 10:00pm on Friday night. We went to the Katy Mills Mall. We spent some time looking around in some cool stores then wound our way over to Rain Forest Cafe at 7:00pm.

Here are the boys in front of the restaurant.
We love this place!
Nanny & Mas

Scenes from inside the restaurant:

The wildest animals of them all!
Way back when, Nanny was nicknamed "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle."
So we just had to get this shot!
Nanny and I split the Adventure Appetizer Plate (and a house salad) as a meal. It was great! There was blue crab dip, calamari, southwestern egg roll, and chicken fingers.
Dane had Gorilla Grilled Cheese with applesauce and a Safari Sundae for dessert.
Mason had Python Pasta with corn and a Mud Slide for dessert.
After the meal and three rain forest thunder storms, we went back in to the mall and did a little shopping. Mason went into three skater shops but didn't find anything more than a pair of funky socks that will be perfect for crazy sock day at school. Dane got a pair of Van's shoes. I got a surprise for Clark. If he doesn't like it, Mason will be happy to have it! (No, Clark! You have to wait. I'm not telling you anything else!) I bought myself a couple of things from a cooking/kitchen store. Mom bought something from Ann Taylor. (I haven't seen it yet but she was thrilled with the purchase.)

More tomorrow after the first game. Wish us luck! Go Forza!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wildlife guest

Dane found this hanging on our house in the backyard. Waiting for a call from Travis County Animal Control. More later.....

UPDATE: An officer came out. Wearing black gloves, the officer placed a paper bag over the bat, nudging it until it let go of the foundation. After a cursory check at the Pflugerville Animal Control Facility, it will be released to go on it's merry way.

In case you are wondering, and I know you are- no one touched the bat. So no worries, okay?

BACK STORY: Dane was playing in the backyard. He had only been out there a few minutes when he came back in. He said, "Mom, there is a rat in the back yard. I went over to it but it didn't move." I asked if it was dead. He said, "No it is just hanging there." Of course "rat" and "hanging" don't go together! I immediately went out and discovered we had a bat guest.