Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie Birthday Party

Friday night was the friend party to celebrate Clark's 14th b-day. We had an outdoor movie screening of "The Simpson's Movie," complete with typical movie food items.... hot dogs, chili, big pickles, chips, not- so -typical fruit tray, sodas, propel water, and bottled water. The guests ate on the picnic tables and swings and porch while the Sponge Bob "Band Geek" cartoon played. The movie was projected on a white sheet tacked to the back of the house.

Three-quarters of the way through "The Simpson's Movie," we had an intermission for cake and presents. Ed got all the excitement on film!

The kids were very excited at this point. We tried to show the end of the movie but they were just beyond that. So up to the game room we went for pool, guitar hero, air hockey, and general teenage silliness.

Clark reported having a great time! It is so hard to get kids over during the summer months. Of the original guest list there were four kids that were out of town and two out of the country.

Other news: Cousin Matthew left this afternoon. We loved having him here! Good news is that we will see him and his parents in August for the Symank-Richter Family reunion.

I was already calling Mason and Matthew "M&M" before they bought themselves matching shirts. Those shirts sealed the name!

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