Monday, July 21, 2008

Bowling with Cousin Matthew

13 yr.old cousin Matthew, came to our house on Saturday morning, beginning a week long visit with us. The boys are thrilled to have him here, and Ed and I get to see what having four kids- 4 BOYS- is like. So far so good!

We have tried to plan at least one fun activity a day with the big activity being a day at Sea World on Tuesday. Saturday was time at the pool. Sunday was a movie at the theaters (Space Chimps) and a stroll around the mall. Today we went to the bowling alley.

They all seemed to have fun despite some frustration with gutter balls. No frustration for Dane though. He had a lane all to himself with bumpers! He was rocking it! Here are the scores:
Dane- 64 / 98
Clark- 136 / 74
Matthew- 53 / 41
Mason- 32 / 59

Interesting facts: Matthew is three months younger than Clark. They are a year apart in school due to Matthew's Fall birthday. Look at the height difference!!

More later as the adventures continue........

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