Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

On the evening of July4th, 2008, we and the Cantus, headed to Wells Branch, for a magic show from "Gusto the Great." (Gusto was a camp counselor when Clark went to Magic Camp, and also was the hired entertainment for Mason's birthday when he turned 8 yrs old.We like him and his banana/bandanna trick a lot!)

Ed was picked as a volunteer for a card trick. Must be something about his face. He seems to be chosen as a volunteer often! Maybe it is his youthful attitude and willingness to play along that is the cause.
After the magic show and a few minutes at the play ground we came home for a quick dinner. We all walked over to the Harkey's house for ice cream cake in honor of Rebecca's coming birthday (July 11th) and Mrs. Stalke's birthday.

Before we all hopped in the cars, I tried to get a picture of the Cantu and Limbaugh kids all together. It is like trying to calm a basket full of puppies! It went from this -
To this - in a mere click of the shutter!
Everyone (Harkeys, Stalkes, Sawyers, Cantus, and Limbaughs) watched the fire works at the Wells Branch show. This year the new color was a bright yellow explosion. It surprised me every time I saw it that night. But my favorite is still the orange and blue with the sparkle white at the end.

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