Monday, June 9, 2008

Tweetsie & Apple Valley

First, let me say that we have hit the jackpot on hotel rooms these last two nights. In Blowing Rock, North Carolina we stayed at Hillwinds Inn. It was decorated in a lovely rustic, country charming way. We walked in and said, "WOW!" It was SO beautiful, and it had rocking chairs on the front porch. Then tonight, we walked into our room at the Apple Valley Inn in Sevierville, Tennessee (just outside of Pigeon Forge- with a free shuttle to Dollywood) and said, "Amazing!" We have a huge room with two queen beds and a pull out sofa! And, the apple country charm is all around in a subtle way.

So back to the day...........

We went back to Tweetsie and had the park practically to ourselves. It was "walk on" rides, panning the biggest pieces of gold, and front row seats to shows (of which we caught all 4 shows). The can-can girls and the cloggers were the best.

We left earlier than we planned due to a few rain showers. But it worked out in our favor as the second shower that came through hit us within running distance to the fudge shop! Check out our "waitin' out the rain" treats! Can't you just taste that cupcake size peanut butter cup? Yum, yum!

Since there are several pic of Tweetsie from yesterday, I am only going to post a few special ones from today.

Clark met some wholesome girls at Diamond Lil's Saloon-
the kind you can take home to Mama!

Picked up by the Sheriff, these bad dudes wait for a rescue!This family loves the GEM, called Tweetsie, tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina!

So long, Tweetsie! Choo-choo!
So tonight we are back in Tennessee. Directly behind our hotel is Apple Valley. They have 2 "famous" restaurants and several apple themed shops nestled in the apple orchard. We ate at the Applewood Farmhouse Grill. It was really down home food. Everyone starts with complimentary apple fritters and apple juleps. Super delicious! I was anglin' to have the chicken and dumplings but ended up sharing meatloaf with Ed. Really great food!

Apples on a tree in the orchard. The trees are everywhere!

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Vicki said...

Curious minds want to in the world did the park get its name? Tweetsie? Seriously, what could that possibly mean???

Looks like a great place. Amazing it wasn't more crowded...

~ Vic