Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Inside the Nest

We have become virtual prisoners on our back porch, the jail keepers a pair of vocal Western Kingbirds, mentioned in an earlier post. This pair is so serious about keeping the nest protected that they send up warning chirps the second we open the back door. One parent sits on the tree stake, the other on the play scape. Should you dare to step off the porch, you will get a bird coming right at you! It is a bit frighting!

I read on a website about Western Kingbirds that the closer to hatching time it is, the smaller the area round the nest they guard. We have noticed they are staying
very close to the nest.

Tonight when Mason started mowing the backyard, I realized the pair was nowhere in sight, the first time since we have been home, may I add. I ran for the ladder and camera. Guess what? We have three baby birds!! You may remember there were four eggs. I wonder if there is another baby tucked in where I couldn't see it. Hope so! (click on the pic for an enlarged image.)
Here is a picture. Unfortunately, due to the time of night, it isn't a great shot but you can definitely make out three little yellow beaks, on the right side of the nest and little fluffy black heads.

The babies were very still with closed eyed. Not sure how old they might be but they are newbies!!!

We will use the secret weapon lawn mower again next week to get another look and maybe another picture.... hopefully a better picture!

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