Monday, June 2, 2008

End of the year awards

Today was Mason's awards ceremony. He was awarded certificates for Bulldog Honor Choir Member, Bulldog Pride (which I gather is like an "all around" award), Perfect Attendance for the Spring Semester, All "A" Honor Roll, and the "Responsible Award." He was awarded a medal for reaching his Accelerated Reader Goal. He also was awarded a Round Rock Express Baseball Goodie Bag for completing several math and reading requirements. In the bag he got a T-shirt, blanket, 20 berm tickets, and a "play pass" for the play area at the back of the ball field. Very cool!

Here he is receiving a certificate, during the awards ceremony, with Assistant Principal, Mrs. Murski and his teacher Mr. Lubman.

Mason and Mr. Lubman.... who we are going to miss soooooooooooooo much!!Mason and his guests.

Though I don't have pictures to prove it, I know that Clark will be getting at least 2 awards on Wednesday, at the 8th grade award ceremony, even though he won't be there. He will get All "A" Honor Roll and Math Student of the Year from Mrs. Kelarek, his math teacher. She called to let me know yesterday. It was a lovely surprise phone call! Very exciting!

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J. Lubman said...

I will miss Mason and the Limbaugh family very much. Mason has been an ALL STAR student! I hope to keep in touch for years to come.
Your friend,
Mr. Lubman