Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Empty Nest

Within a two hour time span, the two remaining baby Western Kingbirds, flew the coop!

I noticed they both were sitting on the edge of the nest around 6:30pm tonight. Between that fact and the windiness of the evening, I suspected they would be gone soon. Imagine my surprise when I go out less than 2 hours later to find the nest empty! Even better, the two were still hanging around our yard! They were sitting on our back fence making a rhythmic chirping sound. With no sign of the parents, they were flying as you would except a new bird to an unsure & unsteady path. I was lucky enough to see one of them fly up to snatch a black bug out of the sky. After a 20 minute watch, they had made their way off. I managed to get one decent shot with the telephoto and flash before the darkness set in.
Bye, bye babies! I hope you stay around to eat the insects that plague us!

Now the watch over the other nest begins! (I'm not sure this new bird/eggs is a mocking bird. It has a white stripe that runs across it's wings and tail. You can see it well when it flies.)

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