Saturday, June 7, 2008

Denise & Rob's Wedding Day

06-07-08 Denise & Rob's Wedding

The wedding ceremony was held at Lake Eden in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was an outdoor ceremony officiated by Rob's father, Reverend Craig Wylie. Folk music was performed by violinists, guitars, and a flutist. It was lovely to hear against the back ground of the various bird calls and occasional train whistle.
During the ceremony...
As husband and wife...
The reception, including dinner and dancing, was held on site under a huge white (permanent) tent. The were appetizers, wine, and homemade beer immediately available. The best thing from that table was the seasoned pita chips with Roasted Garlic Hummus! YUMMY!!

Dinner was served under another large white tent. A pig had been roasted and served as shredded pork. The accompanying BBQ sauce was a Soy-Ginger BBQ sauce that was wonderful! The boys loved it too! To go along with the pork, there was green salad, a cold red potato dish, green beans, coleslaw, and a variety of breads. It was all locally produced/grown and prepared... even the pig. :-)

The cake cutting followed. They were good and didn't smash it in each other's faces.

Dancing was next. Everyone of us danced except for Dane. He found a group of kids his age that all played together on the outskirts of the tent. Clark danced with Denise while Mason danced with her friend. At some point, the wedding photographer shot Clark doing the "Sprinkler" and Mason doing "The Worm." I hope to get to see those photos!
The first dance......

Father/Daughter dance....
(Denise made her own wedding dress!)

We stayed until about 10:30pm. We stayed to hear "open mike" stories about the couple. The were some funny stories, some emotional ones, and some drunk ones.

It was a lovely wedding! I am so glad to have been there for this special day!
It was a joy to see Ruth, Gloria & Greg, Sara & family, and Grant & family, too!

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