Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Class to Fiesta Texas

Mason's class had an opportunity to earn tickets to Fiesta Texas through a reading program. Kids that earned a ticket and also hit their accelerated reader goal earned the chance to go use their free ticket with classmates and Mr. Lubman. Tuesday was that day!

I drove a van full of excited boys and Daniel, the great navigator! In all, we had 10 kids and 7 adults. Here are some pictures of the fun day.

We got back to Pflugerville around 11:45pm. The van that had all the girls had a quiet ride back. The girls all fell asleep! My boys were just excited and hyped up on the way back as on the way there. At one point, one of the boys started singing a song about his grandma's stinky feet. I got so tickled that I was laughing hysterically! I had tears in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. Daniel started laughing at me then! The boys were all laughing too! I don't know what it was but the song combined with the late hour just set me off!

We all had such a good time together, we talked about planning a group outing to a Round Rock Express game, using tickets the kids earned in a math and reading program. Can't wait!


J. Lubman said...

Notice how I was trying hard to keep my hair dry in the raft ride picture. Unfortunately, it didn't work and I had a bad hair day from then on. Oh well, it was worth it. Thanks to Lisa and all the parents that helped out. We had a great time again!

J. Lubman said...

Lisa can you get me Dennis' email address?