Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brunch & Tweetsie

Hi, everybody! Ed here, sharing events from our trip today. We got a slow start this morning, finally getting away from the hotel about 11:00. We headed to a family brunch with Denise and Rob a few miles out of town at a multi-family camping lodge where they were staying with (literally) a couple of dozen friends. The directions were interesting: "Go through the intersection with the sideways stop sign ... turn right past the propane tank ... go 1 mile past the pink trailer house ..." We made it, though, driving straight up the mountain in low gear.

After visiting for about an hour, we hit the road for Tweetsie! A good 30 minutes on the interstate plus another hour on winding mountain highways brought us to Blowing Rock, North Carolina. What a fantastic theme park! It looked like the perfect size for Dane, but in fact, we all had a blast. We're really looking forward to a fantastic day there again tomorrow.

Unbeknownst to us, this week Tweetsie had a special visitor: Thomas the Train! What a neat treat for all of us!
Here's Dane getting a tattoo of Harvey, one of Thomas the Train's friends. In fact, we all got tattoos. I got Percy, Mason got Harold, Clark got Thomas, and Mom got James. Choo-choo!
Our first ride was the sky lift up the hill. We saw the park layout and plotted our strategy to work the park. I was surprised by how fearless Dane was in the lift. We had only a small hand bar to keep us from falling out, and at times we were 30 feet or more in the air. He wasn't the least bit fazed and wanted to ride it again!
Next stop was the Turnpike Cruisers, where the boys tried a hand at driving. Dane did great, only scraping the paint off the sides a few times. I rode with him but kept my hands inside the vehicle at all times! Here's Mason flying past while Mom snapped his picture.

Pilot Dane then took to the air in a private helicopter.

Clark, Mason, and I rode the Ferris Wheel. It was much scarier than other ones I've ridden. It went backwards, with the passengers rising in the "back" and then descending to the front. Usually, as you come down from the peak of the Ferris Wheel, you see Wheel structure in front of you. On this ride, as you came down from the peak, there was nothing in front of you or below you -- just the valley fanning out far below. And it went much faster than any other Ferris Wheel I've been on before. The combination of speed, spin, and unique position made you feel as though you were much, much higher than you really were. What a great little ride!
Clark rode the Twister several times, trying hard to make himself sick. He made us feel sick watching him spin around and around and around and around ...

Mason rode everything!

We were finally chased out of the park at 6:00pm this evening by the Miner of Miner's Mountain, but we're rarin' to go tomorrow! It'll be a lot of fun!
Thanks, Sherri and Bob, for suggesting we stop at Twetsie. It's already been a highlight of this trip!

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