Monday, June 23, 2008

Bird Update #3

Today I decided to get a look at the babies. I couldn't see past this one so I got out the ladder. Ed came out and waved a racquetball racket around so I could get close with out getting attacked. The boys made noise to help out. It worked! Look how quickly the babies have grown! Earlier post
First baby pics

I am able to confirm that there are only three babies in the nest. How do I know? Well, I made my way around the tree with the ladder to be sure of the number. On the side of the nest, farthest from the porch, I was able to see the other two tucked in the nest. The bad news- The baby in the first photograph didn't like my invasion. It fluttered off, landing on the grass!!

We watched the baby for awhile to see if by some chance it could get itself back to the nest. It hopped around first. Then it tried hard but could only get about four feet high! The parents kept chirping and flying low to cheer it on. Finally Ed decided to help. He came in to get his work gloves. When he got back out, baby was gone. We searched all around, even using flash lights to help. We could not find him! I checked the nest again but he wasn't there.

During the search, I checked by the other Live Oak. Guess what I saw- another nest! This time I found three green/blue speckled eggs! They are definitely not the same Western Kingbird eggs. Ed thinks they are Mocking Bird eggs. He believes he saw a bird with white stripped wings coming out of the nest after I got a picture.

I feel really bad about spooking the baby. I hate that I caused it to leave before it might have on its own. Hopefully it will stay safe through the night. We will search again in the day light tomorrow.

Changing the subject.............This last picture is just plain adorable! Dane was swinging with a look of pure joy on his face. I think he looks like Spiderman. He says he was doing a "bat swing." Such an Austin thing to say!

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Lisa said...

Missing baby bird has been found! He was on the bottom of the play scape this morning. The parents are staying close and bringing it food. All seems well... thank goodness!