Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teacher Appreciation

For Teacher Appreciation Week, we gave Mason's teacher, Mr. Lubman, a gift card to Golden Wok (super yum!) and an offer to babysit his two girls. Mr. Lubman's wife is also a teacher at our school. We know how may hours they put in so we thought they might enjoy a night out alone. They did!

It occurred to me that the Lubman's might not be comfortable leaving their girls with people other than family. I mentioned that to Mr. Lubman and told him it would not hurt our feelings should that be the case. He replied, "I have your son all day!" Good point!!!

Saturday night Annalysa and Ava came over! It was so nice to have girls over!! Once they were comfortable with us, it was smooth sailing! We found some toys that were young enough for Ava- yeah for Little People! Annalysa and Dane played together going between the race car sets and the castle play set. They played on the play scape outside, and later Ed walked the big kids down to the neighborhood play scape for a romp. Ava and I walked around outside eventually settling in for a swing on the back porch swing.

As it got dark, everyone got in PJs. We made a big pallet on the floor out of sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. We popped some popcorn and played a movie called "Home on the Range.

lf to rt: Annalysa, Dane with Snoopy, Ava with Cheetah, and Mason.
Clark flopped on the sofa.

The best part of the night was signing lullabies and rocking Ava to sleep! It was a sweet moment that reminds me why babies are so special! No, I don't want another one of my own but I would love to watch Ava and Annalysa again!!

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