Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Piano comes to an end

Clark had his final piano recital on Monday night. Here he is with his piano teacher, Mrs. Kesselring, who has been teaching him since 3rd grade!

It is bitter sweet, after 6 years of lessons, to call it the end. Clark has done so well on the piano and grown musically over the years. In the last 6 months, with the busy schedules we all keep, we were struggling with getting him to lessons every week. As we understand it, his high school band will keep him hopping. Band starts in June and runs off and on all summer. So now just seems like the right time to stop lessons.

Here are a few picture memories from past recitals.
May 23. 2005 age:10
Clark performed "Theme from Star Wars." He was so cute! He had hidden a light saber in his jacket. When he got to the piano for his turn, he turned to the audience and whipped it out in a dramatic style! Everyone laughed, including Mrs. Kesselring, who didn't know he was going to do that! See the light saber on the top of the piano.
December 12, 2005 age: 11
Clark awaits his turn to play his piece. See how young he looks!!

Clark may be done with piano for now, but I bet money that music will be in his long term future whether that be piano, trombone, or some other instrument. He has the music bug and the musical talent gift!

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