Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mr. Lubman's birthday party

Today is Mr. Lubman's birthday. We threw him a SURPRISE birthday party in the classroom. Here is how...

Earlier this month when Mr. Lubman was off campus, I took notes up to the class letting parents know about the party, asking for party good donations, and $$ to put towards a class gift. In super sneak mode, I was able to collect $100 cash, paper goods, blowy horn things, and an offer to provide balloons. (I had someone bringing drinks, but she didn't show.)

Last Wednesday, I took a cute bulldog (the school mascot) birthday card up for the class to sign while they were at lunch and Mr. Lubman was in the teacher's lounge. All that was left to do was bake & make the cake! That was my Memorial Day! Here is it... in all it's vanilla glory!

Today, I snuck down to the classroom, after arranging for the "end of the line" kid to leave the door open for me. I set up quickly with another Mom. Then I went down to the lunchroom and "class-napped" the kids 5 minutes early from lunch. It was very hard, in all their excitement, for the class to make it down to their classroom with out running and making noise! But they made it.

Dane helped pull off the next part. He went in to the teacher's lounge wearing his knight helmet with the face protector pulled way down. He gave Mr. Lubman a note that told him of the "class-napping" and instructions he needed to follow to get the kids back. He first had to go to the secretaries in the office and say, "A rooster says cock-a-doodle-do." They gave him the next note that sent him to the library where he had to sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" to the principal and anyone else in there! The last note told him to go straight to his room to pick up an item he would need for the next task.

When he got to the room, the kids jumped out from their hiding places screaming, "SURPRISE!!" And was he ever!! He wore a look of disbelief from the moment he walked in until he hit the playground!! He said, "I didn't think anyone knew it was my birthday!" He doesn't know me very well, huh!!! :-) This day has been on my calendar since the beginning of the school year! Ha! Ha!

The awesome balloon bouquet.
Blowing out the candles.
In case you are thinking like some of the brilliant 4th graders there today-
Yes, there are 5 candles on the cake.
No, he is not turning 5 years old! Ha!

Opening the gift.
Mr. Lubman was really shocked at the $100 Visa gift card. He kept asking, "Where did this come from?" It came from the money the kids sent in to go towards the gift.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lubman! Thanks for having a birthday so that we could have a party! Cha, cha, cha!

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