Sunday, May 4, 2008

Inaugural spring fishing trip

Today we Limbaugh boys took our inaugural spring fishing trip. We followed a scenic route from Pflugerville through Georgetown, out to the outskirts of Burnet, then back to Georgetown to the Cedar Bend park. (We'll be sure to Google the directions next time, heh heh.) The Cantu's joined us, and together we managed to drown quite a few worms in Lake Georgetown! Everybody caught a fish except Olivia, who seemed to enjoy picking wildflowers more than watching bobbers. We didn't catch any lunkers, but the kids didn't care because they were were having too much fun pulling bait-stealing panfish out of the water. Here are a few shots from our expedition today:

"Did you catch that fish yet?" "No, he stole my bait -- again!"

Dane was the proudest of his catch. He declared it so
big that we had to use the net to pull it in! (Look closely!
There really is a fish in that net!)

Mason's biggest catch of the day!

Clark caught the most today, reeling in
7 fish weighing a grand total of 12 ounces!

We had a great time, but I think next time I'll try scheduling a fishing trip with just David. We both spent more time tying lines and baiting hooks than actually fishing. We might have better luck if our lines hit the water for more than 3 minutes!

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