Sunday, May 4, 2008

Electric guitar

On Saturday, Mason went garage sale shopping with me and Shannon. There was a great "neighborhood sale" close by. Shannon and I were finding bargain after bargain. Towards the end of the route, I said to Mason, "What's the matter? You haven't bought anything?" Shannon followed that statement with, "You had better get busy to catch up with us!" Wouldn't you know it! At the very next house, Mason saw a slick black electric guitar. On closer inspection, it looked unused. The owner of the guitar was a young teen boy. His father told us that the boy got the guitar, 15 watt amp, and guitar stand for Christmas. Since then, it had been in the closet untouched. We had the owners plug it in to be sure it worked. It did. One of the siblings told me his brother wanted $70 for the set. The teen boy himself, said $60. SOLD!

The back story: For a long while, Mason has expressed interest in the guitar, especially the electric guitar. Ed and I have been adamant that we would not buy an electric guitar until he learned on the acoustic guitar that his Grandad gave him.

A few weeks ago, Mason began taking guitar lessons after school from Mr. Brown, who teaches at Mason's school. Since beginning these lessons, Mason has shown dedication to daily practice, quick pick up skills, and determination to get it right. More over, he is showing some ability... dare I say "talent," at guitar. It certainly isn't enough to warrant a new electric guitar but it IS enough for a great deal that seemed tailor made for Mason.

For now, Mason is continuing to practice his 6 chords and 1 scale. (Next lesson with Mr. Brown, he will start learning songs.) In the future, it may look more like the picture below! Heaven help us!

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