Friday, May 30, 2008

Dive Bombing Bird

This yellow breasted bird has taken up residence in our backyard tree closest to the porch.

If you walk out into the yard, you get a lot of bird squawking and an aerial view of one mad bird! It even dive bombs the dogs when they step off the porch. It is a little scary watching it come at you!
Turns out this bird is protecting her nest. Wonder where it got all that cotton looking material?
I had the boys come outside to wave their arms and make noise so I could quickly climb a ladder to get a shot. Four eggs!! I hope the babies are hatched and still in the nest when we get back from our trip!

I have tried to ID the bird on some websites but have had no luck. If anyone knows what type of bird this is, please let me know. The yellow color is not something I am used to seeing around here.

UPDATE! The mystery has been solved! Many thanks to Wayne and his "birder" friends!Our bombing bird is a Western Kingbird. Here is a website with more details: Western Kingbird

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Vicki said...

I have seen yellow-breasted birds around the Dell campus. Not sure if they're the same as this one. Seems like your house guest is a bit bigger, but just might be the zoom. Very cool that she's nesting in your yard. And the eggs ~ wow, they're really beautiful!