Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Waco Trip

Over Spring Break, in March, Shannon and I took all our kids to Waco for a day trip. We visited the Dr. Pepper Museum first. We stopped at a picnic area in a valley surrounded by the stone stairs and a small stream. The following are my favorite pictures from that day.

lf to rt: Ian, Mason, Dane, Clark, Simon

We visited the Waco Zoo. I was impressed with the whole place! They had nice enclosures, a variety of animals, plus I liked the layout of the grounds.
lf to rt: Ian, Olivia with Vanessa on her back, Mason, Simon, Clark

I would like for you to notice that all 7 kids are never in the same photo! The only one that had all seven was this one- hard to tell they are there, huh?

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the donutman said...

wow!! they have a dr pepper museum?
I gotta see that before I die!
great trip! (zoo and everything)
sounds exciting.