Sunday, April 6, 2008

Talent Show

Friday night was the Talent Show at Mason's school (HPES). Between staff and students, there were 31 acts on the program. You can bet the Limbaughs were involved!

Mason was in a skit, with 4 other 4th graders/friends, entitled "Sitting on a Red Bench." It was very funny, and the boys were so well rehearsed that the skit came off flawlessly!

Here is the gist of the skit..... several characters come out, one at a time. As a boy approaches the bench, he asks "Whatcha doing?" The boy on the bench says, "Sitting on a red bench." The first boy says, "Can I join you?" The boy on the bench says, "Sure!" They all end up sitting on a red bench.
(Wilson is a soccer player, Kenneth is a businessman, Simon is a student having sack lunch food, Joel is coming from the library with a joke book.)

After the characters are all settled on the red bench, a painter comes out. (Mason is the painter.)

The painter is covered in red paint. He looks at the characters with disbelief. He asks, "Whatcha doing?" All the boys reply, "Sitting on a red bench." The painter spits out, "The one I just painted???" The boys on the bench all jump up dropping their props. They turn around to reveal red on their bottoms. The boys scurry off the stage as the painter puts a "WET PAINT" sign on the bench.

The boys got a huge laugh from the audience when the red bottoms were revealed. The trick of the skit was that they character boys had to walk on stage, deliver the lines, and sit on the bench without turning their bottoms to the audience. If the pre-placed red tape was visible, the joke wouldn't have worked. They nailed it!!!

Even though Clark doesn't go to HPES, he had a part in the talent show. He played piano accompaniment for our friend, Simon, who played two pieces on the violin. I was really proud of these two. Simon had never played in front of a large audience of people before. Clark had never played as an accompanist. They rehearsed many times over 2 1/2 weeks prior to the show. The end result was lovely. They got through the first piece with no mistakes. On the second piece they had a small boggle at the end but Clark did what a good accompanist does. He slowed down and listened to where the violin was in the song, jumping in at the same place so they ended the song at the same time. If you consider their ages and experience, they did a really outstanding job!

I too, was in the Talent Show. I was in a small group of teachers that sang an accapella version of "The Star Spangled Banner." The piece had 8 parts but in the end we had just 5 that could handle it. To balance out the remain guy, I sang Tenor one for most of the song, jumping up once to Alto on a "ladies only" part. We opened the show, which is appropriate since we had a patriotic song.

(Mr. Tsujimura- Kinder, Ms. Limbaugh- parent, Ms. Stone- music teacher, Ms. Patureau- 5th, Ms. York- 3rd)

The Limbaughs had a nice turn out of family for the Talent Show. Grandad & Granlally came in from New Braunfels. Nanny & Nana came in from Austin. They all reported enjoying the show.


3bb said...

Nana and I really did enjoy the show. It went by quickly and it was lots of fun. My three "children" did great jobs. So much talent--different in each one of you, Clark, Mason and Lisa! Love you all.

sue.forster said...

Hey I recognize that uniform - and the kids too! Good to see that Wilson, Kenneth and Mason are still hangin' together.

...Coach Sue :-)