Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guitar Hero!!

Guitar Hero!!!

Hey all!
Clark here with some news! O.K, My school recently announced that we were going to have a Guitar Hero Competition. I was so exited. I entered right away. Anyway, the contest was today, Wed., April 16. I didn't think I would get very far. BUT....., I came in 2nd place!!!!!!!! XD !!! I got beaten in the final round by a kid named Miles. He only beat me buy 10,000 points. That's like losing a football game by two field goals. As a prize, Miles, me, and Anthony(He came in 3rd) got passes for a VIP tour of the ME studios in Austin! That's were they record KISS F.M., and 101X! AND,.... We get to go during a school day!!!!! It is going to be so cool!!!! O.K, Thats all. Just filling you in on whats going on in my life.

-Clark L.
AKA- The Slasher(according to our MC).


Lisa said...

Clark was rocking today!!!!
The boys and I went to watch not really knowing what to expect. To our delight Clark rocked it all the way to 2nd place! He was so excited and proud of himself! We are proud, too!

The journalism dept. had a photographer taking pics. He was able to get up-close on the stage. When I get those pics, I will add a couple of the best to the blog.

Lisa said...

I should add that 30 kids started out in the first round. They were whittled down from there.

Ed L. said...

Wow! You can throw down with the best of them, Clark! Congratulations on your tournament win.


Grandad said...

I guess all those times I played guitar for you when you were a baby rubbed off. You learned to play without practiceing. Good Job. Proud of you

the donutman said...

Great job lil' guy! try 'Slash' instead, though. check out guns'n'roses' old stuff and vevlvet revolver's stuff (two awesome rock bands). look up Slash and keep rockin' in the free world! watch out world- Guitar Hero had an awesome jammer on the loose!! Keep up the amazing mad skills!
the donutman

FlyBoy said...

thanks donutman, I will. Guns'N'Roses' are awesome!Tom Morello is cool too. The kid who beat me only won because they picked one of the few songs I can hardly play!XP oh well. 2nd place is still awesome!