Monday, April 7, 2008

Andy to the vet

Andy took his first trip the vet as our pet. The check for an ID chip was negative. He got all the vaccines and normal tests. Bad news- he has heart worms! The vet took an extra blood test to send out to verify the result before we begin treatment.

If anyone reading this has access to a small kennel, we will be needing to use one for about 3 months. Part of the treatment is that the dog has to stay calm and at ease during the treatment. So we will need to keep him in a kennel when we are not home.

It's fascinating. This 15 pound dog fell into our lives (and hearts), and has brought us so much joy. Tonight we are feeling very sad.


3bb said...

Andy will make it just fine. He's blessed to have found such a wonderful home and loving family to care for him while he takes treatments. He's a healthy dog otherwise, so will make it throuh this.
He's so precious. We love him.

Lisa said...

Follow up on Andy: The second test came back positive as well. The good news in all of this is that there are no baby worm. So we are starting out on a better foot, in a manner of speaking.

I put an email out on our neighborhood yahoo group and have had 5 people reply that they have kennels we can borrow. So that is taken care of too.

Treatment begins on Monday. Wish us luck!