Monday, March 31, 2008

Soccer pictures

It is true, Dane is on a pink team. The only saving grace is that I switched him to black socks. The team name that was set to be "Panthers" before the uniform colors were known, quickly turned into "Pink Panthers." And turns out there are two other shades of yucky pink worse than this regular pink! We got lucky?!?!?!?

The break away......

The kick-off........
Mason is still in the u10 Academy Development program with the Dallas Texans Austin division. He has a good team with lots of talent, and we got our good coach back after one season with someone else.

Mason is excellent at goal keeping. Here is the picture proof..... There was no way he was going to let this ball get away! The other kid practically fell on him hoping for a chance.

Mason gets up quickly so he can boot it down the field.
The boy has a FOOT on him!

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3bb said...

Go Mase! You are a "pro"