Sunday, March 30, 2008

Papa Charlie comes to Texas

Papa Charlie, Ed's father, came for a visit. He lives in Tennessee so it was exciting to have him come to Texas! He arrived on Thursday afternoon just in time to go to Mason's school for the upcoming talent show dress rehearsal. Since he won't be in Texas for the actual show, we were pleased he could watch Mason's skit and Clark play piano accompaniment for a friend on the violin. Afterwards we headed for a taste of Texas- Casa Garcia's Mexican restaurant in Pflugerville.

Friday, while the boys were in school, Ed and Charlie went computer shopping. Charlie found what he was looking for at Fry's Electronics. From there they grabbed some Subway sandwiches and headed to Mason's school for lunch with the 4th graders at Highland Park Elementary.

After school, Charlie and Mason took our canine babies,
Rex and Andy, for a walk. 

Friday night Mom, Nana, and Roger came over to visit Charlie over spaghetti and meatballs. Here we all our in a moment of "cheers." (The cute little boy leaning on the table is our friend, Ian. He came over for a sleepover with the boys.)

Dane showed Papa Charlie a fossil he made in his Mother's Day Out class. They are studying dinosaurs which is super exciting for a 5 yr old. In this photo, it looks like Dane is really trying to tell Papa Charlie something important about dinosaurs. "Listen up, Papa Charlie..."


Saturday was soccer day! Both Dane and Mason had a game. We literally flew from the field in Round Rock to the field in Plugerville to get to both games on time.

Below, the soccer fans await the start of the game...... Dane got lots of kicks in and two runs down the field with the ball but didn't get a goal this time. Mason's team won with a 5 to 2 win. Mason played mid-field in the first half. He had a fantastic passing game, and got two shots on the goal that were deflected. Then Mason goalied the second half. Neither of the opposing team's goals were scored on him!

Charlie and Clark goofed around like two little boys. Guess they both want that spectacular UT chair!! Hook 'Em! (Only in Texas a few days and he is converted to a Longhorn!)

Sunday morning we had a nice brunch with our neighbors, the Harkey's. It was the only opportunity for them to meet the man who reared Ed. A lot of those nagging questions about Ed have probably been answered now!! Ha!

Soon after, we drove to Dripping Springs for Mason's second game of the weekend. It was an exciting game!! Details: Mason was goalie the first half. Nothing got by him! At half time the score was 0 to 3. In the second half Mason played forward. Unfortunately, the replacement goalie wasn't on his toes and suddenly the score was 3 to 3! Another forward managed to get a goal to put us back in the lead, 4 to 3. Then super star Mason, HEADED an incoming corner kick into the goal for a 5 to 3 win!! Mason was so pumped! We were so pleased Papa Charlie was there to see that awesome play!

Papa Charlie packed up and headed out of town around 4:45p on Sunday. He should make it home by Tuesday afternoon. Even though Papa Charlie didn't bring us Tennessee themed gifts, like raccoon skin caps, canned road kill soup, or maybe possum skin boots, we were glad to have him here for a few days!

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3bb said...

It doesn't take long to become a Texan! It was ood to visit with Charlie. Does he take responsibility for how Ed turned out! He actually did a fine job. Ed!