Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In the beginning~

Well, it is official! I am the proud owner of a BLOG! For better or worse, anyone reading this gets the privilege of knowing more than they ever wanted to about the Limbaughs of Pflugerville, Texas. I promise I will not write about every sneeze or menial task that goes on! I will though, share stories, accomplishments, happenings, and pictures of the goings on in the Limbaugh Lunch.

Why the "Limbaugh Lunch" you ask? I see this blog as being a brown paper lunch bag filled with pieces of our lives from which you will be able to pull out a variety of tasty morsels. Sound good? You bet'cha!

Be sure to leave comments! That will add a little spice to our Limbaugh Lunch.


edl said...

Ooooh, I like it! A place for Lisa to call her very own.

Shannon said...

You are almost too much! I look forward to keeping up with the busy, busy world of the Limbaughs!! Oh &, I love the alliteration! :)

Lisa said...

You noticed the alliteration! I do so love it! Bonus point for you, girl!

Patti said...

Hey, Lisa, you are blessed with such a special family. Thanks for sharing the blog, this is my first ever blog reply. BTW, your 2007 Christmas letter was fabulous, looking forward to reading more good material throughout the year. Take care!