Thursday, March 27, 2008

Highlights from January & February 2008

Since it is only March, I thought it would be okay to hit the highlights of 2008. I will begin with New Year's Eve. This photo was taken right after Midnight. We had a house full of friends and kids, fabulous food, and plenty of "spirits" to go around.
From left to right back row we have Cecil, Vicki, Lisa, Ken, Shannon, and David. Front row we have Jerry, Sue, and Ed. Missing from the picture is Rebecca and Eddie. Cheers to 2008!

February ~ Clark made 2nd chair trombone in the Regional Jazz Band! Only 3 kids from his school made it though several more tried out. The final performance was held in San Marcos, Texas at Texas State University.

Left to right: Emily (Saxophone), Clark (trombone), and Alex (Bari Sax).

Mason's science fair project made it to the Austin Energy Regional Fair. There he earned a 1st place blue ribbon.

Dane turned 5 years old! His birthday party was a backyard carnival. Great friends pulled through and helped make the party a success. Why did we need these friends? I was sick in bed with pneumonia. I watched most of it out the bedroom window. Here is what I saw:
That brings us to March. More on that soon!


3bb said...

This is so good. You are so suave and up-to-date!
Lisa Limbaugh will be a favorite of mine! Never a dull moment at the Limbaugh den.
Love Andy1 He's so cute.

3bb said...

I meant to say Limbaugh Lunch wiil be a favorite. Of course Lisa is, too!

sue.forster said...

Hey Lisa - I'm sorry to hear you were so sick. I had no idea! Pneumonia can really kick one's butt. I hope you're feeling better.
I'm with you - blogs are cool. But I'm not disciplined enough to keep one up myself. So, I'll just occasionally enjoy yours! :-)